Make faster, accurate, data-driven decisions…before, during & after the game.

EdjFootball provides NFL & NCAA teams with powerful predictive and prescriptive tools for game planning, play calling and post-game analysis.

Leveraging more than two decades of play-by-play data and rigorous mathematical analysis, EdjFootball assesses a team’s Game-Winning Chance (GWC) at any moment of the game.  Bring the power of EdjFootball to your team, with understandable and customized, actionable insights.  The result is more confidence in your critical decisions, with a true competitive edge that impacts the bottom line – winning.

“This is by far the most sophisticated thing anyone is doing in sports analytics today.” NFL Analyst (AFC South)

EdjFootball Suite of Products

  • Gameday Matchup
  • Playcall Simulator
  • Post-Game Report
  • Strategy Guides
  • Season Report
  • Custom Analytics


How much is a win really worth?

$2.34BAvg NFL franchise

- Forbes, 2016
$620MRevenue generated by Super Bowl 50

- Forbes, 2016
$25MA 1% rise in a team's long-term average winning percentage is estimated to boost its franchise value by up to $25 million in a 20-year span

- John Vrooman, world-renowned sports economist,
Vanderbilt University

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