Join us as we unveil EdjFootball for College and High School teams

AFCA Convention – January 6-9 – San Antonio, Texas

Booth #3037

Leveraging more than two decades of play-by-play data and rigorous mathematical analysis, EdjFootball assesses a team’s Game-Winning Chance (GWC) at any moment of the game. Currently used by NFL franchises, EdjSports will introduce new EdjFootball products for college and high school teams.

EdjFootball product suite:

  • Playcall Customizations

    • Reveal the optimal play choice and relative merits of alternatives for any game situation within seconds
  • Game Book

    • Customized reference charts provide guidance for key decisions and scenarios
  • Gameday Matchup

    • Better understand offensive and defensive strengths and weaknesses for weekly opponents
  • Post-Game Report

    • Breakdown of key decisions for every game.


“EdjSports is revolutionizing decision-making in football and redefining how coaching staffs use analytics in their game planning to win more games.”  – Coach Mike Leach (Washington State University) 

See you in San Antonio!